Yes! Si. Nuestro CEO es Mexicano y su primer idioma es español. Además tenemos una pequeña red de profesionales que también lo hablan muy bien. Desde contadores hasta prestamistas nosotros lo contactamos con un equipo que le hable claro y sin traductores. Llámenos sin miedo.
Our hourly base rate is $350/hr. However, each client is different and frequently we can arrange a more favorable rate that meets the needs and budget. Some clients pay as low as $30/hr with a long term contract. YES THAT IS A 90% SAVINGS!!
As a small business consultant we advise our clients on a wide range of issues. The common process for me is to get to meet you and your business. I review your business operations plan (or make one) and identify problems and its potential solutions. Additionally, I also take active roles implementing those solutions, either by completing the work ourselves, connecting you with other professionals, or helping you hire the people you need in your company.
Copper 2 Cloud was born from the concept of cloud computing. Old electronic equipment was made with copper components and connected physically. Now, those things are in the past thanks to the internet and cloud computing, where most businesses need to be. So our name is the description of our goal, “to take your business to the cloud.”
No. While our CEO is a Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certified in Quickbooks Online, he is not an accountant, but a Business Economist. As a company we focus on the overall development and correct functioning of an entity. It could be a private business, a city government, or a non-profit organization that wants to evaluate their economic impact in monetary terms or social benefit or would like to know how to be more efficient with their resources. The base of our work as Advisors, comes from accurate accounting & financial data. Thus, we have become experts in evaluating your CPA, financial advisor, and about any other professional influencing your decision making process.
Yes. While bookkeeping is not the core of our business we are able to help small businesses with their bookkeeping and their basic finances. Feel free to contact us to see if we are a good match.
Yes. We can help you with your payroll needs.
I am a GREAT consultant. To prove it you can look at my resume and experiences here: Linkedin. However, what you probably want to know is if I am a good fit for your business and if I can help YOU. The short answer is let’s have a free consultation to find out. Get Started
As a consultant what I do is analyze your problem, and give you options for solutions. In addition, we can implement the solutions or find you the person that will.
Yes. However, filling for an LLC is not a light issue and may not be the best option for you. What we do here is analyze your situation and work with an attorney specialized in business law that will make sure you create your company the right way, the first time and free from headaches. NOTE: WE DO NOT PRACTICE LAW.
No. We can give you our opinion and recommendations on contracts you may have or were given. However, drafting a contract is something that we leave for the professionals. But don’t worry we can help you find the right attorneys that can help you with that. In many cases you won’t even have to pay for it. NOTE: WE DO NOT PRACTICE LAW.
YES! We have worked with multiple law firms in the Houston Metro Area and can refer you to them. However, law is very broad, and each specific case may require a different attorney, such as Labor Law, IP Law, or Mergers and Acquisitions Law.
Ideally you want to have both! A bookkeeper is a person that makes sure your books are up to date and that all your income and expenses entries are correct. The CPA works at a higher level and his job is to analyze your financial situation to make better decisions in terms of money. Things such as managing budgets, tax planning, investments, buying competitors, equipment, getting loans and any other major financial move you want to do with your business. It is worth noting most CPA firms have their own bookkeepers, and many bookkeeping services can refer you to a CPA.
No. Many CPAs in the Houston area charge as low as $150.00 per hour. A CPA is a professional that can help you manage your company finances better. Their advice may save you thousands of dollars in taxes and get approved faster for loans. That is not even including the time and headaches they will save you from.
For most businesses, the classic starter pack would include: General Liability (GL), Commercial Auto, and Worker’s Compensation. However, that may not be enough to protect you or your business completely. In order to know what are the best insurances for your business we need to do a risk analysis with a professional business insurance agent. Copper 2 Cloud has worked with many of them in the Houston Area and can definitely get you one that works with your industry and understands the budgets you will work with.
At the moment we are not able to help you fundraise for startups, however, we have a few contacts that may be able to help you with that. However, we can help you get your business plan together and organizing your vision so you can be ready to meet your angel investors and seek funding.
Yes. We work with companies in the constructions industries.
Yes. Most of our experience is in the business to business sector.
Yes. Most of the problems with OSHA require you to have a team to help you navigate them. That team is usually formed by your safety person, your insurance agent, labor attorney, and a company official. We can help you create that team and manage the situation in the best way possible. Bad news is your time is running out, so don’t waste time and call us now!