Copper 2 Cloud & its accidental creation

Copper 2 Cloud was born from the need to become a contractor for a client who couldn’t afford or wouldn’t take the risk to hire me as a full-time employee. Like anything in life, that was more about the immediate circumstances than about an actual plan drafted for success or a long-desired dream or pursuit of a passion.

However, once the rubber hit the road, I felt like a fish in the sea. I began helping small businesses owners for free, not knowing how valuable my advice was for them in terms of money and headaches saved. Not that money was not important, but in most cases the knowledge I was giving for free, gave me enormous happiness in return. I felt so proud to be part of the growth of a company, of seeing a person/family happy or at least less stressed.

For me to be trusted with the development of personal and professional goals is not something I take lightly. Copper 2 Cloud is not only focused on continuous growth internally, but also in the growth of the people and companies that surround us.

CEO at Millennial For Office 101 - 10/2/2021
What We Believe
My company emerged from the continuous improvement philosophy (Kaizen), supported by my family values, which my parents exemplify daily for me and my brothers, from my Alma Mater, Texas A&M University, and my Brotherhood, Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Company Ethics
Our clients tell us over and over again that it feels different working with us. How so? Thanks to a collaborative culture that is full of passionate people.
Excellence, Loyalty, Respect, Selfless Service, Unity, Honesty, Integrity & Leadership.
Our Vision
My vision is to help Houston’s small business owners be the most efficient they can be in their administration & management of their operating, investing, and financing activities. So please reach out to Copper 2 Cloud, so we can be part of your success.

What we do

Copper 2 Cloud is a business consulting firm specializing in the construction industry. Our goal is for you to have an office working as hard as you do outside.

We provide small business consulting services to our clients on a wide range of issues. It is a standard procedure for me to meet with you and your business. Review your business operations plan (or create one) and identify problems and potential solutions.
Aside from implementing those solutions, I also take on active roles in locating other professionals or hiring the employees your company needs.

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Office Administration
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Financial Planning

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